UPA Memorial allegedly dismantled to mark the Day of the Chekist and Stalin’s birthday


The leadership of the Eurasian Youth Union [EYU] is claiming responsibility for dismantling the UPA [Ukrainian Resistance Army] Memorial in Kharkiv.

The leader of the EYU “Network Headquarters”, Pavlo Zarifullin told UNIAN: “The action was organized in response to numerous acts of vandalism against Soviet and Russian monuments in Ukraine, and especially in Halychyna [Western Ukraine]. The UPA Monument was chosen because we consider it a fascist organization which served the Nazi killers. We consider Kharkiv and Ukraine to be our Russian land and therefore we cannot allow monuments to fascists in Ukraine”.

The message from the Eurasian Youth Union received by UNIAN had said that on 20 December to mark

the Day of the Chekist and Stalin’s birthday in the Youth Park in Kharkiv “the funeral took place of the Memorial Stone to the Ukrainian Resistance Army”.

The Head of the Department for liaison with law enforcement agencies, defence and mobilization work and civic defence of the Kharkiv regional administration Oleksandr Nechyporenko called the dismantling of the monument to the UPA soldiers a provocative act with far-reaching consequences. On the subject of the EYU flag and symbols left in the Youth Park, the Head of the Department said that he had been assured by another leader of the Union that the latter was not involved.

The Eurasian Youth Union is an organization aimed at the pro-Russian, pro-Eurasian part of the population. Its aim is the restoration of the empire within the framework of the former Soviet Union. It is notorious in Ukraine for its anti-President and anti-Ukrainian protest actions.

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