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Women’s salaries in Ukraine are 68.8% that of men’s


In Ukraine men’s labour is rated more highly than that of women: a woman’s salary on average is 68,8% that of a man’s.  These figures were given by the head of the department on gender policy of the Ministry of Ukraine on Family, Youth and Sport, Raisa Semenets in Uzhhorod during All-Ukrainian Hearings on Gender Issues.

“The statistics show that in the state service there are more women than men – 75% against 25%. One would assume that such a situation would logically lead to the need for the relevant normative acts to support men in entering the state service. Yet a detailed analysis of the situation shows that the division of jobs in the work hierarchy is in favour of men who hold managerial positions”, Ms Semenets stated.

She added that of the overall number of civil service employees, the number of women traditionally falls as the level of the positions increases. “There is not one woman in the Cabinet of Ministers. Among heads of regional state administrations, there were three women, now there are only two”.  “The low percentage of women in bodies of power has inevitably led to a reduction in their influence on the most important state decisions in areas of distribution of resources, economic development, state security, diplomacy. They do not have any influence on the formation of many aspects of foreign and domestic policy”.

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