Brotherly friendship in practice: Head of the Ukrainian Community in Tula (Russia) brutally murdered


In October this year PL published a letter from Volodymyr Senyshyn in Tula (Russia) concerning a brutal attack on his wife, Natalya Kovalyova. 

A letter arrived today, 26 December 2006, from Ukrainians in Russia with the terrible news that Volodymyr Senyshyn, Head of the Society “Batkivska striha” and of the Tula Branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Russia was murdered yesterday.

Our heartfelt sympathy to pan Volodymyr’s family and friends, and hope that this crime and the disturbing link with a potentially fatal attack on his wife so recently are properly investigated and those responsible brought to justice.

The letter received:

Dear members of the Society and Friends,

I have learned today that in Tula yesterday a pure, very compassionate, concerned and honest person – the Head of the Society “Batkivska striha” and member of the Council of the Association of Ukrainians in Russia, Volodymyr Ivanovych Senyshyn was murdered. Some kind of scum stabbed him to death, this patriot of his people and Ukraine! Our friend and author, our hope …

Less than a year has passed since the attack on his wife, Natalya Kovalyova, head of the auditing committee of the Association of Ukrainians in Russia, who was maimed and almost killed.

Let the pain of this loss enter your heart and write Natalya words of sympathy.

Let us think together what we can do so that we are not maimed and murdered alone.

Like Volodymyr Poburinny, like Anatoly Krylya and now like Volodya Senyshyn.

With sorrow and pain in my heart,


Andriy Bondarenko, Samara

Natalya Litvinenko-Orlova, Murmansk, Russia

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