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The right to a fair trial

European Court of Human Rights orders Ukraine to pay 11 Ukrainians over 12 thousand Euros for unreasonable length of proceedings in Ukrainian courts


The press release issued by the Registrar on 11 January gives details about chamber judgments in the cases of Luhansk region residents: Olha Solonska, Viktor Kartanov, Pavlo Pavlov, Marat Galimullin (one case), resident of Zaporizhya Valentyna Guseynova, residents of the Kharkiv region Mykola Sukhopar and Halyna Petrova, as well as Mykola Kolosay (Kherson region), Ivan Parkhomenko (Luhansk region), Boris Rakitin (Poltava region) and Vadim Mas (Donetsk region) approached the European Court of Human Rights with claims against lengthy failure of the State authorities to enforce judgments given in their favour.

Petrova also claimed violation of her property rights, and Mas and Rakitin – violation of their right to a fair trial.

The Court found that the applicants’ rights had been violated and awarded Galimullin and Others v. Ukraine (no. 7516/04) 3,315 Euros,  Guseynova 1,050 Euros (no. 19175/05), Kolosay  - 1,304 Euro, Parkhomenko – 800 Euros (no. 5531/04), Sukhopar – 1,031 Euros (no. 16267/04), Mas – 2,600 Euros (no. 11931/02), Rakitin – 1,600 Euros (no. 7675/04) and Petrova – 1,016 Euros (no. 33635/03) .

This makes nine judgments against Ukraine since the beginning of the year. In 2002 1 judgment was issued by the European Court of Human Rights against Ukraine, in 2003 – 6, in 2004 – 13, in 2005 – 120 and in 2006 – 114.

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