15.01.2007 | Oleksandr Severyn

Basic Instinct: Diagnosis


There is neither opposition nor coalition in Ukraine. All is illusion. We were all grossly conned. In Ukraine there is conflict awaiting resolution.

This conflict is not a confrontation between political forces. That kind of confrontation in fact in normal law-based states and where there is a developed civic society and guarantee democratic running of elections is resolved by the voters. Moreover, that is not a fundamental conflict, but an active demonstration of unity and battle of opposites, supposedly the essence of the important factor of social progress.

However that’s in normal countries, whereas we have a state that is abnormal, downright dysfunctional and ridden with a poison of external origin and the remains of local shit.  And also prone to sadistic attacks against those whom according to the widespread myth it should be serving. No suggestion of a law-based state. Yet this is with a developed civic society (a nation that is self-aware, self-sufficient and uncompromisingly free within).

However that is where there are democratic elections. Excuse me, but the assertion about the final democratic nature of the elections of 2004 and the almost total democratic nature of the 2006 elections is sly deceit. In the first of the two – because a side effect of that electoral competition was the deviant “political reform”  [the constitutional amendments]. In the second -  because each can put hand on heart (for example) and with all severity ask themselves whether it was possible to name this electoral process (in fact, the last also) the functioning of a mechanism for transforming the interests of citizens into politics.  That is, into policies at state and local levels? At least questionable is it not?

We must therefore with deep regret state the empirical fact that the single real, constant and for now inevitable legacy of the actions under the code name “elections in Ukraine” is the change in decorations and rotation of people among a prostituted nomenklatura (interesting, incidentally, where there is such a thing as a nomenklatura which isn’t prostituted). And that’s all.

And all the twitching of politicians and minor political intriguers, all those mutual recriminations, fountains of passion, fireworks of pathos, deputy fracas, the schizophrenia of the political reform and saintly fool bliss of memoranda, universal and other, the head-spinning political cons, behind the scenes agreements, the factional wrestling, ritual dances around the rostrum, the total betrayal by all of everyone, the piles of foul compromising material – it’s all crap. “All fucking crap”, - as a character from Andrukhovych’s “Moskoviada” said.   Con, pretence and foam. A spectacle for those who still have a bit of bread. Camouflage to use in conditions of civil war. They’re taking the Mickey out of us.  So that we don’t set up the barricades, they show us a doll exhibition with barricades out of paper mache. Or plasticine.

So, there is an unresolved conflict – the election-proof conflict between those divided into autonomous clans with the code name leaders (both state officials and shadowy figures - what counts here is not formalities but possibility for influence) and citizens. The latter are theoretically “sovereign”, yet in practice are squeezed by the “elite” And it’s a shame that we have still not fully recognized this state of military rule and our inevitable status as party to this conflict, its depth and existential nature. Those who have not yet got properly high on the surrealist grass from the Donetsk grow-your-own, with its overtly hallucinogenic honey  – will soon be helped. And therefore, having long served up (previously with fans’ drive, then with the interest of a researcher, and ever more often with so far restrained revulsion) the variety show “Little Russian political world”, I have finally formulated for these individuals a highly topical question. And it’s not about repeat attacks of conscience but about whether they have a survival instinct. Or about the unvarying domination as basic instinct of untrammelled insatiability.

In the last instance one of the extreme versions of the reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs should come to mind. They suffocated on their own miasma.

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