Verkhovna Rada should not bind the media to broadcast or print the country’s leaders’ speeches


The Public Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information has called on the Verkhovna Rada to reject the proposal from Party of the Regions State Deputy Hanna Herman that the media be obliged to publish the public addresses of the country’s leaders
The Council’s recommendation, signed by its secretary Taras Shevchenko, refers to a draft law submitted by Ms Herman on ensuring an unbiased attitude by the media to freedom of political debate.
In Taras Shevchenko’s opinion “the draft law is not effective since it only covers the immediate founders of media outlet, leaving out other levels of founders.”
The resolution states that the Council “is concerned by the attempt to impose the duty on all media outlets to broadcast or print addresses by high-ranking state officials. “We consider such provisions to be an unacceptable intrusion in the creative work of the mass media… It is nothing more than an attempt to gain free publicity, hiding behind words about serving the public interest.”
The Public Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information is an advisory body attached to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information

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