Medical examination of conscript soldiers simplified


According to the Minister of Defence, Anatoly Hryshchenko, his Ministry has simplified the system for medical examinations of young men called up for military service.

The Minister said that he had signed the relevant order which beginning this year will introduce a flexible and transparent system of medical checks in military registration and enlistment offices.

He said that on the one hand, only those young men who were in good physical condition and able to withstand the difficulties and load in the Armed Forces would be accepted. On the other, people who are not able to serve in the Armed Forces for medical reasons will no longer need to undergo medical examinations each year.

“I will be honest – in this way we are also eliminating scope for corruption since many young people whose health would not permit their serving in the army are summoned to the military registration and enlistment office each year and made to undergo all medical procedure, as a result of which a large number simply pay their way out of this”, the Minister explained.

“A person who cannot serve in the Forces for medical reasons, where this is established during the first examination, will be taken of the military service register”, he added.

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