What Moroz said about the Ukrainian mass media and how


The Verkhovna Rada Press Service has issued a statement for Ukrainian journalists and the public regarding opinions expressed by Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Moroz at a meeting on 24 January in the Odessa region. It claims that phrases comparing Ukrainian and Russian television news broadcasts were taken out of context and wrongly interpreted in the media.

The Press Service’s statement claims that in speaking of the Russian mass media and assessing their professional level, the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada was not in any way drawing parallels between the overall level of development of Ukrainian and Russian journalism.

 Replying to journalists’ questions after the meeting, Oleksandr Moroz stated: “There is no sense in comparing the development of freedom of speech in Ukraine and Russia. Everybody can see that wide use of live broadcasts, confrontation of different points of view, detailed coverage of political processes on the Ukrainian media , including television, compare favourably not only with the Russian media but with that in the majority of European countries. This is the achievement of the entire Ukrainian journalist community.

It is specifically on freedom of speech in Ukraine that the construction of Ukrainian democracy. Without protecting these achievements, I am convinced that the development of the Ukrainian state is impossible.

At the same time I consider that Ukrainian television is still far from its potential in terms of professional standards of work. I think that several years of stabile development of the information market are need, and the quality of work of our mass media will be no lower than in neighbouring countries.

I also think that one should never be ashamed of learning from ones neighbours – and not on ones own mistakes, but on others.”


(See the links below to read a rather different report of Moroz’ words)

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