Russian journalist in Lviv has asked for political asylum


A regional correspondent for the newspaper “Novaya gazeta”* in the Kemerovsk region (Russian Federation), Alexander Kosvintsev, presently in Lviv, is seeking political asylum in Ukraine.

Kosvintsev was (allegedly) forced to flee Russia after unfair accusations from the federal law enforcement agencies. “These were caused by my journalist investigation into the criminal activities of the Kemerovsk Governor (Aman Tupiev), the journalist told Radio Svoboda:

Kosvintsev is in Lviv and decided to submit his application to the regional division of the Migration Service. “I didn’t do it in Kyiv, Donetsk or Luhansk, because there are strong pro-Russian sentiments there and my application could be treated accordingly”, he said.

The Russian Consulate in Lviv told the ZIK reporters that they were not aware of Alexander Kosvintsev’s wish to receive political asylum in Ukraine.

*  This is the newspaper Anna Politkovskaya worked for, as well as two other journalists killed in the last few years. It is one of the very few that has continued to present honest and hard-hitting journalist investigations (translator)

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