How do the authorities respond to citizens’ requests for information?


On 6 February a press conference was held in Donetsk to present the results of a six-month project monitoring interaction of the authorities and the public.
Specialists consider that the elections (in 2006) of local authorities on proportional, party lines have exacerbated the problem of mutual understanding between them and the public. The intensity of problems of a socio-economic nature and breakdowns in the mechanisms for coordinating conflicting interests in society have led to fierce municipal conflict. There are also problems with transparency of the local authorities and their decisions demonstrated in their information policy. Blocks in communication channels in any area lower the efficiency, and therefore the legitimacy of the authorities and their support from the population.
The specialists discussed how great an impact the public have in drawing up, discussing and implementing decisions adopted by the municipal authorities, and the reasons for the problems in communication which have intensified over the last year.

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