Yushchenko instructs Prosecutor General to deal with the court and Ukrainian film translation


President Yushchenko has already instructed Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko to appeal against the court ruling revoking a previous decision to make dubbing of a percentage of foreign films into Ukrainian mandatory. The President spoke of this to journalists after watching “Charlotte’s Web” dubbed in Ukrainian at a Kyiv theatre.

Yushchenko pointed out that 8 months ago there was not one film dubbed in Ukrainian, whereas he said that now 40-50% have such dubbing. He added that from 1 January this year, a nationwide norm has been in force on dubbing into Ukrainian 50% of foreign films, and from the second half of the year this will be 70%. He stressed that despite the fact that this ruling had been revoked by a ruling of the district court, “I gave instructions several days ago to the Prosecutor General to defend national interests in this issue” “I am convinced that this ruling will be reviewed since it does not comply with national goals”.

The President also welcome the Memorandum on cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ukrainian distributors, according to which by the end of 2007 it is planned that all foreign films for children will be dubbed into Ukrainian and 50 percent for adults. He said that the “second norm was a bit too low, however in the course of discussion I think we’ll increase it”.

The government’s resolution from 16 January 2006 envisaged mandatory dubbing, soundtracking or subtitling in Ukrainian of all foreign films. From 1 September no less than 20% of copies of each film were to have Ukrainian translation, from 1 January 2007 no less than 50% and from 1 July 2007 – no less than 70%.  However on 17 October 2006 the Kyiv Appeal Court passed a ruling revoking the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution.

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