Remand prisoners cut their wrists in a Poltava region SIZO


In a remand centre [SIZO*] of the city police station in Komsomolsk [Poltava region], 13 remand prisoners have tried to cut their wrists. The press agency UNIAN reports that on Wednesday 21 February the ambulance service was called out by the police station. The doctors found wounds on the wrists of 13 people being held in the SIZO, with one of them having cuts on both wrists. Two ambulance teams gave first aid care, and later the head of the department dealing with injuries of the city hospital, Hryhory Shadenko was also called to the station.

Dr Shadenko reported that all the patients had received medical care in the city hospital. Doctors said that the wounds on the wrist were of different degrees of seriousness, but were not a threat to life.

According to unofficial reports, the cuts were made using a tube of toothpaste in protest at the conditions in the SIZO and at not being allowed parcels from outside.


*  слідчий ізолятор is an investigative isolation unit, usually SIZO, where prisoners are remanded in custody pending trial.  In fact, however, since this is part of a police unit, it may be an ITT [temporary holding centre – before charges are laid.  This report calls it a SIZO [translator]

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