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Miners striking in the “Krasnopilska” Mine have been joined by female colleagues


Four women employees have joined twelve miners into their third week on strike in the “Krasnopilska” mine in the Luhansk region. They took this step in protest at the inaction of the local authorities in resolving the issue of their unpaid wages. On 15 February the Luhansk Regional Economic Court ruled that the mine should be passed into State ownership. However the miners have still not received the money they earned for the last ten months. The figure owed has reached one and a half million UH. For than twelve women tried to join the men on strike however the management didn’t let them.

Ludmila Kravets, mine employee: “If they’d paid attention this wouldn’t be happening. Our lads have been sitting in a mine for three weeks. Sitting, they say – let them sit. None of them cares”. 

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