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The right to a fair trial

The Committee on Court Issues reviews draft law “On the Ukrainian judicial system”


The draft law (No. 2667) is aimed at creating an independent, just and transparent judiciary based on the rule of law, with legislation complying with fundamental principles of both the Ukrainian Constitution and European standards for guaranteeing a fair trial to uphold an individual’s rights.

The meeting stressed that the draft law contains provisions clearly defining the main directions for carrying out judicial reform, for improving legislation on the judiciary and judicial proceedings. It also involves providing appropriate provisions for the work of the courts including measures of a financial, material and technical, staffing, information and organizational nature.

The Committee members decided that some provisions of the draft law need to be included in the draft law on amendments to the Law “On the judiciary of Ukraine” (No. 2834) when preparing the latter for its second reading.

The State Deputies also pointed out the conclusion of the Central Scientific Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada regarding the draft law had not been received.

They said that according to estimates from the Ministry of Finance, the adoption of this law would require extra State spending of no less than 487 million UH.

The Committee considers that the proposed amendments will assist in implementing real tasks aimed at creating a law-based state, turning the justice system into a truly independent branch of state power and improve the functioning of the judiciary, ensuring effective defence of the rights and legitimate interests of both individuals and legal entities.

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