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So have they finally listened?


The conflict over unpaid wages which has led to miners barricading themselves in the “Krasnopilska” Mine would seem to have been resolved. The Head of the Luhansk Regional Administration Oleksandr Antipov reported settlement today.

He said that the authorities had found investors who have agreed to provide the money to pay the wages owed the minors. He added that the entire amount owing would take around 2-3 months to pay back.

However representatives of the group of miners on strike say that they have little faith in such promises and will only come out of the mines when the money is received by the enterprise. The authorities have promised that this will take place today.

As reported, 9 miners have been on strike in the mine since 2 February demanding payment of wages owed for the last 10 months – over 1.5 million UH. [Last week some of their female colleagues joined the strike].

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