The Russian Prosecutor General’s takes a sudden (and urgent!) interest in “Memorial”’s finances specifically over a book about applying to Strasbourg


On 21 February the human rights centre “Memorial” received a letter from the Tverskoy Inter-district Prosecutor’s Office in Moscow. The letter was addressed to the Chair of the “Memorial” Council, Oleg Orlov, and asked, in connection with a check being made by the Russian Federation’s Prosecutor General, for copies to be provided of invoices, receipts, bills and other documents connected with the publication of the book “Applying to the European Court of Human Rights” (Moscow, 2006). The letter states that the check is being undertaken “with regard to the joint publication” of the said handbook by “Memorial” and the company “Alvares Publishing”.

The Prosecutor General also asks for an explanation as to “what practical part the human rights centre “Memorial” took in publishing the given book, and how was this shown”.

The letter was sent by fax at 14.00, and the documents required had to be provided by 16.00 on that same day.

“Memorial” is baffled at such unexpected attention from the Prosecutor General to the publication of a book which appeared more than a year ago and which has long been available to the public.

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