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The National Expert Commission for the Protection of Public Morals has approved criteria for defining pornographic and erotic products.

The criteria which cover printed, audiovisual, electronic and advertising material and information were approved on 20 February. The Commission’s press service say that this formulation of the criteria will be the first step towards including them one legislative act which will be a “reliable instrument” for determining the nature of such material.

The Commission members believe that this will make it possible to remove the “ambiguity and mistakes” in the practice of state institutions, law enforcement agencies and judges.

During the Commission’s session, it was stated that the advertising industry is increasingly infringing current legislation on protecting public morals

In view of this the Commission has decided to approach leading producers and distributors of advertising material and advertisers calling on them to avoid using material in their advertising which contravene ethical, humanistic and moral norms and which are an affront to rules of decency.

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