Russian journalist Alexander Kosvintsev receives refugee status in Ukraine (updated and hopefully definite!)


A positive response to Alexander Kosvintsev’s application for political asylum has arrived from the Lviv department of the State Committee on National Minorities and Immigration, the press service of the Lviv branch of “PORA” which has supported the journalist reports.  Alexander Kosvintsev is presently going through the procedure to formalize refugee status in Ukraine.

As reported here, the Russian journalist applied for political asylum in Lviv on 5 February. He said that he was forced to seek refuge because of persecution from the enforcement bodies and authorities in the Kemerov region of Russia.

He stated that the persecution had been linked both with his professional activities and his participation in the opposition movement “United Civic Front”. Over recent years he founded and worked as chief editor of a regional newspaper “Russian Reporter” which wrote about incidences of corruption by the authorities.

Alexander Kosvintsev has worked in many regional and Moscow media outlets (including Novaya gazeta – translator) and carried out a number of journalist investigations into violations by high-ranking officials, including those in the enforcement agencies

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