Regional language status for Russian revoked in Mykolaiv


On 13 March the Mykolaiv Regional Appeal Court revoked the ruling of the Mykolaiv Regional Council which had given Russian the status of a regional language on the territory of the Mykolaiv region.

The unlawfulness of the decision by the Mykolaiv Regional Council was argued in the court by a representative of the Regional Prosecutor and a representative of the public.

A day before the court examination, a letter arrived at the Appeal Court from the Cabinet of Ministers of Viktor Yanukovych withdrawing the administrative suit which was submitted under Prime Minister Yekhanurov. Then the application to revoke the said decision of the Regional Council had been submitted by the First Deputy Prosecutor of the region on behalf of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The decision of the Mykolaiv Regional Council giving Russian regional language status in the Mykolaiv region was passed on 28 May 2006.

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