Lutsenko rally will take place in Kharkiv


The civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”] will hold a rally in Kharkiv on 16 March, but not on the central Freedom Square, but on “Sobornist” [“Unification”] Square.

“In view of the extremely unhealthy situation that has emerged over our event, or more exactly, the circumstances that the city authorities created around it, we have decided to move the rally to “Sobornist” Square”, Yury Lutsenko, the leader of the movement states.

He added that [“People’s Self-Defence” had compromised so as to avoid the risk of confrontations with those out to provoke trouble if the rally was held on Freedom Square.  “After this unprecedented ban on a free rally in an almost free country –  it only remains for “Adolph’s son” to rename Freedom Square after Dzherzhynsky” [after the first head of the Cheka, the forerunner to the NKVD and KGB – translator].

It was reported by Медіа-Порт that at 12.30 last night, State Deputies Mykola Katerynchyk and David Zhvanya were given the decision from the Kharkiv City Executive Committee that the meeting of the party “Forward Ukraine” would be held on “Sobornist” Square.  The head of the party Serhy Lutsenko set up the stage for the concert and rally there during the night.

As well as State Deputies Mykola Katerynchyk and David Zhvanya, Yury Lutsenko is expected to take part.


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