Rally in solidarity with victims of repression


A rally was held on Saturday 7 April at Pushkin Square in Moscow to show solidarity for victims of repression. It was attended by around 400 people.

7 April marked six months since the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. The participants in the rally, organized by the Anti-War Movement, and supported by the human rights organizations “For human rights”, the Moscow Helsinki Group and others, demanded that an open investigation be carried out into the murder of the journalist. People carried portraits of Anna Politkovskaya with signs reading: “Regime, stop lying!” and “Regime, you’re digging your own grave”.

On this same day, political prisoner Mikhail Trepashkin turned 50 (cf. and links there).  The rally collected signatures to an appeal on his behalf and chanted “Free Trepashkin!” 

The third date which the rally commemorated was the twelfth anniversary of the punitive operation in the Chechen village of Samashki.

The action was directed “against political killings, political persecution and State terrorism.”  It was agreed with the Moscow authorities.

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