Russian journalist calls on Ukrainians not to trust the Russian media


Well-known Russian journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov stated in an interview to the newspaper “Delo” on 17 April that Ukrainians should not trust the Russian media.

“What all kinds of anti-Ukrainian loudmouths in Moscow say has no relation with reality.

I call on Ukrainians who watch State-owned Russian television channels or read about what government Moscow newspapers are saying to simply not react to them. They should not take what is said close to heart since it bears no relation with reality.”

Kiselyov also said that “it has no relation to what normal people in Moscow and other cities in Russia think about what is happening in Ukraine.

Normal people envy you because this is what normal political life should be about. Yes, perhaps Yushchenko has ended up in a difficult situation, perhaps he’s made some mistakes, maybe he wasn’t right in some things. But that’s politics.”

Kiselyov also said he was sure that a “fierce political battle” was taking place in Ukraine which was not going beyond the boundaries of political conflict. “I don’t believe in the assertions of various hotheads here in Moscow that the situation could end in bloodshed, clashes and cataclysm. I think that the crisis will be resolved, but through peaceful political means and honestly.”

He also stated that he watched “with envy how Ukrainian journalists and the mass media work. “In Ukraine there is true vibrant political life and struggle and true free journalism.”

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