The perils of carrying out ones duty?


Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office investigator Anatoly Matyus who opened a criminal file against the Minister of Justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych has been dismissed.  Mr Matyuk told TV Channel 5 of this on Tuesday evening, saying that the decision to dismiss him had been taken the day before. He said however that he had not so far received anything in writing, and that he had been informed by colleagues in the prosecutor’s office.

The investigator also said that he had been subjected to pressure during the investigation of the case. He had been accused of taking a bribe, and had also been asked in unceremonious form for an explanation. His office had also been searched by law enforcement officers.

Mr Matyuk is presently in hospital following a heart attack.

If anybody wanted or would like to find political convictions or political engagement in my actions, this is a priori impossible since employees of the prosecutor’s office are prohibited from belonging to any movements or parties. I was simply performing my duty as a lawyer”.

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