Presidents of Ukraine and Poland honour the victims of the “Wisła Operation” of 1947


A joint declaration was signed by Viktor Yushchenko and Lech Kaczyński in Warsaw on Friday 27 April. The Presidents also took part in an ecumenical prayer service for those who were killed or suffered as a result of the action.

The “Wisła Operation” was the code name for the forced mass resettlement in 1947 of over 150 thousand members of the Ukrainian population of Lemkivshchyna, Kholmshchyna and other eastern regions of Poland to western and north-western regions of Poland, returned following the defeat of Nazi Germany.

According to offical reports, on 27 and 28 April 1947, the Polish authorities with the consent of the Soviet Union and supported by Soviet armed forces, began the “Wisła Operation” aimed at depriving the Ukrainian Resistence Army [UPA] of their social base.

In August 1990 the Polish Senate passed a resolution condemning the “Wisła Operation”.

After visiting Poland, President Yushchenko arrived in Lviv to take part in a memorial evening to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the “Wisła Operation” and to honour its victims.

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