More than 72% of Ukrainians consider Victory Day to be a special anniversary


A survey carried out by the Razumkov Centre for Political and Economic Studies found that a large majority of Ukrainians see Victory Day (celebrated in Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet republics on 9 May) as an important anniversary [svyato – festival, holiday].

72.5% of those asked called Victory Day a major holiday, 21.8% considered it an ordinary holiday, while 4.8% did not consider it such at all.

The percentage ratio had not changed since April 2003.

Interestingly, the number of people who generally called the War the Great Patriotic War had slightly increased (by 3%) since 2003, reaching 69.8%. 23.3% usually referred to it as the Second World War.

Those surveyed were also asked the following question: “During the twentieth century there were many events in Ukraine’s history where Ukrainians killed one another in large numbers. How do the conflicts need to be resolved?”

52.3% answered that there must be reconciliation and believed that there had not been those in the right, and those to blame.

26.3% said that those guilty needed to be punished.

The survey was carried out among 2,014 people over 18 from 21 to 29 April in all regions of Ukraine.

The margin of error does not exceed 2.3%
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