A further 100 thousand Crimean Tatars may return


Up to 100 thousand Crimean Tatars could return to the Crimea from Central Asia in the near future. This was the prediction expressed at a briefing today, 25 June, in Kyiv given by the acting head of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religion Georgy Popov.  He said that this was the estimate given by experts.

At the same time, he mentioned that at the present time between 1 and 1.5 thousand Crimean Tatars return each year. He points out that the number returning will depend on their living conditions in the Central Asian region.

“If there are negative events there, then the flow of migrants will immediately increase”. Mr Popov added that “those who really wanted to have already returned”.

When asked by journalists why the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatars was still not registered in accordance with legislation, Mr Popov said that this was a question for the Ministry of Justice.

At present on the peninsula there are more than 270 thousand Crimean Tatars.

Please see links below, as well as the section on discrimination in Human Rights in Ukraine – 2004 for more information about the repatriation of the Crimean Tatars and the problems they have experienced in the Crimea.

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