So where are the results of the Kalashnikov inquiry?


Journalists are considering an information blockade of the Party of the Regions over Kalashnikov. The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is planning to picket the Party of the Regions convention and demand that they expel Oleh Kalashnikov from the party and not allow him to stand for office on their candidate list.

In fact, of course, it is not only they who have been demanding this and for some time. It is almost a year since Oleh Kalashnikov beat a TV Channel filming crew outside the Verkhovna Rada.

As reported, the incident aroused outrage at the time and even two members of the Party of the Regions announced that they would resign if Kalashnikov was not removed.  Neither Kalashnikov’s indignant faction colleagues, nor the man himself, have shown any sign of intending to relinquish office.

A parliamentary committee specially set up condemned Kalashnikov’s behaviour.  A criminal investigation launched on 14 July is still, in theory, continuing, but given the time that has elapsed it is difficult to believe that any progress is (or ever was) likely.

 The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is planning to discuss the issue at their conference on 28 June. According to the head of the trade union, Mykhailyna Skoryk, her trips around the country have shown that journalists have not forgotten the incident and are appalled by the lack of any action from Kalashnikov’s party. They also call for an adequate response from the journalist community.


Based on information from and reports from KHPG

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