New structure needed to truly reform the Constitution


Civic organizations are demanding that the new version of the Constitution be drawn up not by the President’s Secretariat or the Verkhovna Rada, but by a newly-created body – a Constitutional Assembly. This is the message of the Resolution passed on Tuesday 24 July by the Civic Assembly of Ukraine.

The Resolution affirms: “The new Constitution must meet the demand of citizens for the formation and development of the Ukrainian State. It should therefore not be prepared by the President’s Secretariat, and not be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada or through a manipulative referendum, but exclusively through a Constitutional Assembly”.

If their proposal is not accepted, the participants in the Civic Assembly have stated that they will initiate a Referendum of Direct Action on amendments to the Constitution for the introduction of a Constitutional Assembly.

The members of the Assembly are convinced that the political crisis in Ukraine will not be resolved by the elections of 30 September.

According to the organizing committee, the Civic Assembly represents around 350 civic organizations.

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