On safeguarding freedom of speech during the elections


The Head of the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists has called on Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych to ensure a moratorium on all checks by controlling bodies on media outlets during the election campaign.

In his open letter, circulated in the press, Ihor Lubchenko points out that in the run-up to the early elections, as well as pressure on editorial boards of media outlets there can also be the threat of checks on editorial boards by controlling bodies. 

He explains that on previous occasions, at the suggestion of the National Union of Journalists the Verkhovna Rada has announced a moratorium on such checks. Given the present circumstances this was not done. The Union is therefore calling on the Cabinet of Ministers to issue a Resolution introducing a moratorium.

The appeal reads: “We are convinced that such a moratorium will contribute to ensuring freedom of speech and transparency and objectivity in coverage of the elections”.

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