Belarusian Solidarity Day – 16 August


In Belarus NOTHING has changed: the arrests still continue, political prisoners, including Alexander Kazulin, Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevych and others remain behind bars, the persecution of the opposition continues.

Only the press cameras have gone elsewhere.

On this 16th day of the month, remember those imprisoned and persecuted in Belarus.  Light your candles with people in Belarus and tell your politicians and media that by ignoring human rights abuse we are abetting it!

Ukrainian – Belarusian ACTION IN SOLIDARITY with the victims of political repression in Belarus – SOLIDARITY ON THE BORDER

Solidarnist activists will carry out an information picket at the border crossing between Belarus and Ukraine in the Chernihiv region.

The action is aimed at raising awareness about the real situation with human rights in Belarus among Belarusian nations, as well as Ukrainians, Russians and people from the Baltic States.

Those taking part will include Ukrainians from Kyiv and Chernihiv, as well as activists from Belarusian democratic groups from Minsk and Gomel.

The action, taking place today from 11.00 to 16.00 can be followed on the websites: та

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