Questions asked over forced resignation of television journalist


The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union and the Institute of Mass Information are demanding an explanation over the forced resignation of a journalist from TV Channel 5 Ihor Slisarenko. They understand that on Saturday 1 September, he was forced to write a letter of resignation after he gave information during a broadcast about the school where President Yushchenko’s children are studying and mentioned that the school fees are 12 thousand US dollars per annum.

Ihor Slisarenko was told that he should resign since he had “lost the management’s trust”.

The statement by the Trade Union and IMI says that this incident is a reminder of the times of strict censorship on television as in 2004, and that they are therefore demanding an explanation from the television management.

They also call on the President’s Secretariat to make a statement as soon as possible giving their reaction since the news which led to this situation involved the President’s family.

Ihor Slisarenko had worked on Channel 5 since April 2004 and for three and a half years had been a news presenter.

The statement is signed by the Head of the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union, Mykhailyna Skoryk and the Director of the Institute of Mass Information, Victoria Syumar.

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