Organizer of a meeting in memory of Anna Politkovskaya faces court hearing


A Russian justice of the peace will consider the “case” brought against the organizer of a meeting in Moscow to mark what should have been Anna Politkovskaya’s 49th birthday. 

Andrei Napetov was detained immediately after the gathering on Pushkin Square attended, according to police estimates, by around 300 people.

The police issued an administrative protocol saying that the number of people attending the meeting was three times higher than that stated. Napetov says that at first he wrote in his application that there would be 500 participants, but he was “asked” in the Mayor’s office to lower the figure, on the grounds that if there was a large number stated it would be difficult to agree the meeting with various departments.

The meeting in memory of the journalist, murdered in October of last year, took place on 30 August.  Organizers say that there were about 500 people present.

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