Backtrack over dismissal of Channel 5 journalist


The Channel 5 Editorial Council has recommended that the management of the channel not accept Ihor Slisarenko’s “resignation”, but instead issue the journalist with a reprimand.  In a press release issued after a meeting lasting several hours on Tuesday, the Council begins by saying that some of the information given in the news broadcast on 1 September by Mr Slisarenko had been presented without stating sources, with incorrect quoting of the information agency and with bias, this being in violation of certain points of the Principles of editorial policy. The Council then gives its recommendation, as outlined above, and also calls on political forces to not use the situation which arose over Mr Slisarenko for their own purposes. 

As reported yesterday, the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union and the Institute of Mass Information publicly demanded an explanation over the forced resignation of a journalist from TV Channel 5 Ihor Slisarenko. In their statement, they said that Mr Slisarenko had been forced to write a letter of resignation after he gave information during a broadcast about the school where President Yushchenko’s children are studying and mentioned the size of the school fees.

It should be mentioned that since the story was made public, all those with any involvement in this story have came forth with statements claiming absolutely no involvement, and in the case of Channel 5’s management, denying any link with the story about President Yushchenko’s children. 

The press release states that the General Producer specially interrupted his leave to attend the meeting, and that Mr Slisarenko, despite having previously said that he would attend, did not come.

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