Save a child’s life – place a banner on your site!


Visitors to our site may notice a red heart at the bottom of the page.  The words read: “You can save a life!”. 

The Ukrainian Open Association of organizations, groups and individuals who work with children with cancer has turned to the “Internet community” [that’s all of us, by the way] asking that we help to publicize their site.

A small banner on your website can save a life is the message they (and we) want to pass on. The banners can be found here:

The Association is suggesting either that websites simply give a reference to the site or to specific sites for children desperately in need of help.

Nobody who has even once looked into the eyes of a young child undergoing treatment in a children’s oncology unit could remain unmoved by this most terrible tragedy for the child and his or her family.

In Ukraine, where services are still not so well-developed and most people’s income is small, such a diagnosis can seem like a death sentence.

It need not be.

We warmly support this initiative, and hope others will join.

If any of our readers would like in any way to help, but find the Ukrainian and Russian on the sites given above daunting, they are welcome to write to us and we will try to pass messages on.

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