Central Election Commission appeals again over home voting issue


This time the CEC has called on the High Administrative Court to revoke the Kyiv District Administrative Court’s ruling ordering the Commission to set out the requirements for permission to vote at home within a three-day period.  Member of the CEC Mykhailo Okhyndovsky reported this to journalists on 14 September. He said that the CEC considered that the Court’s ruling from 12 September had been unlawful since it had effectively passed a new ruling, imposing a deadline, and that “two different rulings cannot be issued on a single case”..

In its 14 September ruling the Kyiv District Administrative Court ordered the CEC to implement the same court’s ruling from 20 August within three days, and thus stipulate the requirements for a voter’s application to be allowed to vote from home.

The CEC previously lodged an appeal with the High Administrative Court against the Kyiv District Administrative Court’s ruling ordering that the requirements for justifying the need for home voting be set.

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