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The Central Election Commission has finally approved an application form for voters who are temporarily unable to get to a polling station. The decision was taken during a meeting of the CEC on Tuesday.

According to the Deputy Head of the CEC Andriy Mahepa, the application must be submitted to the district electoral commission no later than 20.00 on 28 September and must be handwritten by the person unable to move about.  The form much have the full name of the applicant, their home address and where applicable their phone number.

Mahepa stressed that if the inability to get to a polling station was linked with age or disability, this also needed to be stated on the application form.  In addition, people with disabilities need to name their disability group, the number of the certifying document, as well as who this was issued by.

If the temporary inability to move about is caused by state of health or illness, the form must state who and which medical establishment issued the medical certificate.

The application may be submitted by post or by somebody else on the person’s behalf.

The CEC also plans in the near future to approve explanatory notes for district electoral commissions on how they should check these applications. The Head of the CEC Volodymyr Shapoval stressed that this was presently underway. (As reported here, the CEC has been ordered to do this by the courts – translator)

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