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The Committee of Voters of Ukraine is calling on all voters to check that they are properly registered.

The Head of CVU Ihor Popov warns that around `1 million voters could be missed from the electoral lists and only discover this on Election Day. This particularly applies to those who have recently turned 18, who have changed their address, who weren’t on the rolls in 2006, as well as those who have returned from military service or after imprisonment.

Mr Popov was critical of both the fact that too little time had been given to preparing the lists as well as of the lack of remuneration to those drawing them up, unlike in 2006.

Due to the problems, CVU has announced a major campaign under the title “Find your name and don’t lose your vote!”

Mr Popov warns that inaccurate information added to the electoral lists can be grounds for not issuing ballot papers. The Committee is therefore calling on voters to scrupulously check the information about themselves and others.

Complaints over inaccuracies in the lists can be made to the district electoral commissions until 24 September; to the local electoral commission no later than 26 September, and 27 September to the court.

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