Committee of Voters does not expect mass vote-rigging


According to the Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Ihor Popov, around 2 million voters may not be able to exercise their right to vote due to inaccuracies in the electoral lists. A large number of people may also be unable to vote because they don’t live at the place they’re registered. Mr Popov cited Kyiv as an example where approximately 400 thousand people are not registered.
As far as mutual accusations by political factions against their opponents of vote-rigging, the CVU has received some information, but does not believe this to be a mass phenomenon. “We also receive information, but do not make it public since it has not been checked. However we consider this to not be mass-scale, but more likely technical mistakes. If it’s stated that a person is 140 years old, then he’s probably 40. … If they wanted to prepare the ground for vote-rigging, they’d include people who were more likely to be real.” Mr Popov does not, however, exclude the possibility that this could be planned provocation by factional headquarters on the one hand, or provocation using such demonstrations of infringements in order to stop the elections.
With regard to the strange coincidence that many voters were apparently born on 31 December, Mr Popov pointed out that according to Ukrainian legislation, if the date of birth is unknown, then 31 December is recorded and so there is nothing at all strange in this.
Over all CVU thinks that there should not be a mass-scale occurrence of vote-rigging at these elections, and that such infringements will be of a local nature. “It’s impossible to rig the election results in Ukraine. The maximum would be half a percentage or one percent, but no more”, Mr Popov stated.

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