A Call for Civic Watch over the Elections


An appeal from the “Maidan” site to Ukrainian citizens

The way the 2007 election campaign has been played out and the events which led up to it clearly show that politicians, despite their high-sounding utterances about adherence and commitment to the law and their respect for the voters, have in fact learned nothing since 2004.  The boundless cynicism in their rhetoric and actions, endless mutual recriminations and the almost open use of administrative resources, as well as manipulative practices, etc, all of this suggests that the 2007 elections could be a step back from those of 2006 in terms of how democratic, transparent and lawful they prove to be

We hope however that the Ukrainian people have proven their right to be called a civic society, that they are capable of using their vote to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is at the same time clear to us that any actions encouraging violations of the law are unacceptable if only because the public’s passiveness in monitoring the behaviour of those in power and politicians is the final source of their corruption. Not to mention the fact that attempts to obstruct the expression of the will of the people - the bearers of sovereignty, or to distort this expression, are crimes against democracy and the people.

We are therefore calling on our readers, especially those who are members of district and territorial electoral commissions, as well as observers, to immediately inform the “Maidan” website  ([email protected]):
1) of any violations of electoral legislation;

2) about the outcome of voting at polling stations and adherence to the law as regards posting without delay the protocols for the vote count in a generally accessible place;

and 3) to send photos or videos of both of the above.

We would ask that anonymous reports are avoided.

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