Possible attempts to bribe voters


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has issued a press release calling on the law enforcement authorities to check information regarding possible cases where bribes have been offered.

“Information is emerging from different regions of the country that voters have been offered financial reward for copies of their passports. The initiators have been variously named as the Lytvyn Bloc, BYuT (Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko), the Socialist Party, the Party of the Regions and the All-Ukrainian Organization “Svoboda” [“Freedom”].  The Committee would ask the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate all such alleged cases”.

CVU also states that the most widespread method being used “which in fact cannot yet be treated as bribery of voters involves envelopes being distributed in all regions with the words “You’ve won”. The letter inside states that the “Ukrainian patriot” who signed the letter has paid for a ticket in the bookmaker firm “Chance”. The bet has been made on the results of the 2007 parliamentary elections. If the electoral bloc KUCHMA receives more than 5% of the votes, the owner of the ticket will receive a payment of 1,000 UAH. CVU reports that the bookmakers “Chance” have confirmed that there have indeed been bets placed on the KUCHMA bloc’s victory.


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