Former prosecutor goes on trial in Prague over her part in a notorious show trial


This is the first such trial in the former socialist bloc.  Ludmila Brozova-Polednova, who is now 86, did not appear in court.  She is being charged as an accomplice to murder over her part in the execution in 1950 of the democratic politician Milada Horakova.  At the time Ms Brozova-Polednova was the only one of the prosecutors in the trial who called for the death penalty for Milada Horakova and three co-defendants, on trumped up charges of forming an imperialist fifth column supposedly plotting to overthrow the regime in Czechoslovakia.

The court case against the former lawyer was prompted by the Institute to Documentation and Research into the Crimes of Communism.

The case, resulting in Milada Horakova’s execution was one of the most brutal political trials in Czechoslovakia under the socialist regime.

Based on material from Radio Svoboda and Czech Radio

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