Nearly two thousand victims of Stalin’s rule reburied at Bykivnya


On Saturday 1,998 bodies, 474 those of Polish victims, were reburied at the Bykivnya Graves National Memorial Reserve.

It is believed that the last earthly remains of 100 thousand victims of the Terror lie on the territory of the Bykivnya Graves Memorial.

We have reported here that there has in the past been unfortunate conflict over the very understandable wish to establish how many Polish victims of the Terror lie buried here.

Although initially the Polish group had sought to have the Polish victims buried separately, at the ceremony on Saturday, attended by a few hundred people, the victims, Ukrainian and Polish were reburied side by side.

Andrzej Przewożnyk, General Secretary for the, Polish Council for the Preservation of Memorials called Bykivnya an important place for Poles and said that they hoped to erect a Polish Catholic cross there.  

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