Lviv residents trust civic organizations more than political parties


According to the research centre “Socioinform”*, one in five Lviv residents would have voted at the local council elections for a civic organization.

The Head of Socioinform Oleksy Antypovych says that the public opinion research carried out showed that twice as many people from Lviv trusted civic organizations as political parties. Two thirds of those surveyed said that their interests were represented by civic organizations in various authorities. They also believe that civic organizations have a real impact on the activities of the authorities.

Analyzing the results, expert on government studies Volodymyr Stepanyshyn commented that there were promising chances for civic organizations to take part in the elections. He sited the present Mayor of Lviv as an example of somebody who had been elected on the basis of his civic activity. He did however mention that this was only true of local level elections, with there being virtually no chance of getting into parliament. This he believes is because there are no powerful all-Ukrainian civic organizations.

*  Socioinform works in the West of Ukraine and was founded in 1990 [translator]

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