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Television journalists not for sale!


Television journalists are about to begin a campaign against “jeansa” or journalistic material to order. The campaign “We’re not for sale!” will unite leading presenters, editors and correspondents of national television channels in the struggle against commissioned material.

The last elections led to an unprecedented surge in such materials on television, with news and features paid for by those with a vested interest becoming a real industry.

The television journalists are aware of the structure of this “industry” and have developed a plan which can successfully fight it.

Their plan is to be presented on Tuesday, 12.00, 6 November in Kyiv, in Shevchenko Park (opposite the Red Corpus of the University).

They invite all colleagues to take part, support and give coverage to the struggle against “zakazukha” [material to order] on television.  Those planning to attend the meeting are asked to bring along sunglasses!

We look forward to reporting their work in this vital area..

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