Interpol help line set up for Ukrainians abroad


With the support of the International Organization for Migration’s Mission in Ukraine, a “hot line” has been established for Ukrainian nationals who urgently require help while abroad. A special system has been introduced which will make it possible to ascertain exactly where the telephone call comes from.

One of the main priorities for the Working Office of the National Central Bureau of Interpol will be to help combat crimes linked with human trafficking and to help people who have become labour or sex slaves, as well as those against whom a crime has been committed abroad.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the fight against human trafficking and to ensure that help is provided as quickly as possible to women who have ended up in a sex bondage situation, a “help box” as been running since September 2006 -, and has proved very effective.

The help line has been created because not all are able to use the Internet to send messages.  This particular line differs from those run by both government and nongovernmental organizations since the Working Office, as a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has opportunities for carrying out full, comprehensive and swift checks beyond Ukraine through channels of cooperation with other law enforcement agencies abroad. The help line will function 24 hours.

The Interpol Service recently helped two underage Ukrainians return home, as well as releasing sailors who had fallen into a labour bondage situation abroad.

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