Russia’s Novaya gazeta closed in Samara


The editorial office of one of the few remaining hard-hitting newspapers in Russia (a branch of the paper Anna Politkovskaya worked for) has been forced to close down in Samara. The Chief Editor Sergei Kurt-Adjiyev says that after two months in crisis conditions, they can no longer continue.

He links the closure with the coming elections.  During the past week, their last computer and all financial documentation were taken away. “I have been told that a criminal investigation has been initiated against me and they’ve made me sign an undertaking not to leave the area”, Mr Kurt-Adjiyev states.

He added tat the office searches on suspicion of using pirated software had begun in May, on the eve of the Marsh niesoglashnykh [March of those in dissent].

He assured subscribers that they would receive their newspaper, but said that it would come from Moscow.  At present no members of staff are being laid off.

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