Journalists learn about tolerance


20 journalists from western regions of Ukraine have just taken part in a training seminar on the role of the regional media in covering issues related to AIDS and HIV and on the part they can play in developing an informed and tolerant attitude to people living with HIV/AIDS. 

The seminar was held on International Tolerance Day and organized by the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.  The rate at which HIV and AIDS are spreading is lower in the West than in other parts of Ukraine, however there is no cause for complacency.

The seminar was aimed first of all at providing journalists with correct information about the threats posed by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. 

The journalists considered the role of the media in forming public opinion in this area and analyzed the media image presented at the moment.  There was also discussion of ethical issues involved with sources of information.  A vital part of the seminar was investigating the need to use vocabulary which does not stigmatize people living with HIV/AIDS. 

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