Presidential Decree on combating AIDS and tuberculosis not being implemented


The National Council on Healthcare under the President of Ukraine expressed concern during a meeting on Monday 26 November at the failure to carry out the measures in the President’s Decree on fighting the spread of HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis.

It pointed out that the envisaged nationwide clinic for children with HIV/AIDS and referral laboratory attached to the Ukrainian Centre for Prevention and Combating AIDS of the Ministry of Health had not been created.

The National Council has therefore decided to approach President Yushchenko over the ineffective work of the authorities in combating the HIV infection and AIDS, in particular the work of the consultative and advisory body under the Cabinet of Ministers – the National Council on Combating Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS (created in July 2007).

Among the subjects discussed at the meeting were the reasons why Ukraine’s application for funding of its fight against the tuberculosis epidemic was turned down by the Global Fund on Combating AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and further steps towards resolving this situation.

Attention was given separately to the problem of State procurement of antiretroviral medication and ensuring that those with HIV/AIDS receive medication.

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