Reports of encroachments on press freedom in the Dnipropetrovs region


A survey carried out by the Dnipropetrovs Centre for Social Research points to a reduction in press freedom. 

Those surveyed gave the level of freedom of speech a rating of 2 out of 5. The researchers note that even three years this figure was close to 3.  17 out of 29 journalists assert that in their work they often encounter problems of censorship, and another four say that this is a regular occurrence. The most widespread form of censorship in the broader sense of the term is deliberately hindering access to information which is not confidential.  For example local authorities had refused to give accreditation to some publications without giving any reason. Officials put pressure on journalists and the heads of municipal media outlets by stopping their financing, or “filtering” their information via press services. The Centre’s experts believe the main reasons for this situation to be the financial dependence of the majority of regional media outlets on the authorities and the lack of precedent of people being brought to answer for infringements of the law on information.

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