From 24 December all foreign films to be dubbed in Ukrainian


The judgment from Ukraine’s Constitutional Court from 20 December 2007 that all films should have Ukrainian dubbing was announced on Monday by the Court representative Petro Stetsyuk. He did not yet know, he said, how this would be resolved by the regulatory body in cinematography. It was possible that the norm would apply only to films which are from now on to receive permits for showing in Ukraine.

He stressed however that the State Service for Cinematography no longer has the right to issues permits for any films without exception which do not have dubbing, soundtracks or subtitles in Ukrainian.

Judge Stetsyuk said that the issue of national minorities’ rights had not been reviewed by the Constitutional Court which had only been asked to interpret a part of Article 14 of the Law on Cinematography regarding the use of the State language.  He did not believe, however, that minority rights would be infringed and thought that some copies of the films could have subtitles in the relevant language of the ethnic minority.

Judge Stetsyuk noted that there were many unresolved issues in cinematography, including whether dubbing, soundtracks and subtitles have equal status. He said that he had sent a letter to the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada stating his views regarding the need to make amendments to the Law on Cinematography.

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